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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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Dedicated to everyone, especially my dearest hubby 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
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Hair Remedy | Oily like Kuali

I think it is unavoidable that mothers (especially when your child is four months and above) experience hair problems.

When I was young, my mother complained that she suffered from severe hair loss (post pregnancy), one huge patch was gone at the back of her head! So not obvious that she only realised the problem during a hair cut where the hair dresser said "Ah, aunty ah, 你头后面没有头发.". So the ordeal was 3 jabs onto the scalp of the problematic area! YES! NEEDLES!

Two to three years ago, I suffered similar problem, but more mild. *sniff sniff* The left side of my head, sizing up to be more than a fifty cents coin. Visited our GP, applied medicine and bought zinc vitamins from the pharmacy. The doctor suspected that I have a sudden spike loss of zinc (through intensive exercises). Hair grew back gradually. *Phew*

Seven months ago, IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Now, its the hormones. A small patch of hair went missing at the back of my head. I didn't visit the GP this time round, cos I was told that such thing was common. I niam-ed non stop until i feel that my hair grows enough in my definition. HAHA. Poor hubby.

Three months ago, I started to experience severe hair loss (overall, not patch). Again, I was told that it is one of a common post pregnancy. I dropped more hair than usual during bath, comb and anytime! But I was so worried that the growth is unable to sustain the dropping rate. Before the issue of hair loss recover, my scalp turned itchy most of my waking time. And dandruff started conquering my scalp. Snow falls so frequently onto my shoulders. Feeling so inferior wearing dark colored clothings. And worst of all, dark colored apparels are my best wardrobe friends!

Researched and tried different anti-dandruff shampoos. THEN, before I could get over the snow season, MY HAIR (OWN HEAD) TURNED OILY! It is like the inside of a kuali (a large metal Chinese cooking pot having a curved base like a bow)! My neck and face were affected!

After intensive researching, I'm proud to say that I found an effective remedy for removing the grease.

Mix some baking soda with your choice of shampoo then wash and rinse as per normal! The amount of soda used depends fully on the condition of your hair. If it is god damn oily (like kuali after u fried chicken), you can use perhaps one teaspoon of baking soda. For me, I add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon. After two washes, my hair went back to normal!

Im still in the midst of battling dandruff and hair loss, will update if there's new discovery!

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013
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Compare us!

妈咪, 我比较像谁?

Alot of people say that Emme looks like her daddy! But I think she look quite like me when I was a baby! What do you think? HAHA! The daddy looks like mini Mr. Bean lo. 


Monday, July 01, 2013
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Emme's Development Milestone | Starting to take solid

When Emme hits 6 months (she is 6.5+ months now, FYI), I was soooo excited that she will be able to take solid food. Least that I can expect is the starting process was soooo tedious and sooo demoralising!

Weeks before her actual 6 months, I bought baby biscuits, rice cereal, studied the feeding schedule of alternating milk and solids and etc... Oh, even baby bowl and plates!

So let's talk about the day when I decided to let her taste her FIRST rice cereal using a baby spoon!

I carefully mixed the rice cereal with milk, so that it is not tooo thick or running. Digressed abit, the rice cereal was provided by Emme's pediatric during her 6th month assessment. She turned cranky the moment she entered the room and cried all the way. Since the doctor could not assess her, all he did was asked me questions. After i said that Emme doesn't sleep on her tummy and flip and taking her weight into consideration, he jitao indirectly told me that Emme was obese, and her psycho motor skills were affected. And he questioned about Emme's feeds, he was traumatised about the amount of liquid milk Emme took and the frequency. Then asked me to cut the milk and "force" her to take solid food. Come on lo, its not me that I don't want to feed her, I'm more excited to feed her solid la. BUT EMME CANT ACCEPT THE SOLID YET! What can I do? So I emo and lun until we board the bus before I cry. HAHA, I think I'm very sensitive when comes to Emme's weight and overall health being. 

Back to the rice cereal, I placed Emme in her bumbo chair and fed her. SHE REJECTED! Super sad! The cereal flowed out of her mouth like glue.

I'm not that easily defeated hor! After getting some enlightenment from my colleague that she might like sweet food, I got sweet Banana Custard (Heinz) and fed her. BIG FAT SUCCESS! Why didn't I thought of this! She ordered alot of sweet food via womb service when she was in my belly!

Did I miss out saying that Emme love sweet stuffs, like the daddy? We let her taste ice cream, and she LOVED it and kept asking for more! *HAPPY*

Two days ago, Emme finished a small bottle of baby food - PRUNE! Despite the extreme mess during feed, it effectively relieved her from her constipation problem! *Double HAPPINESS*

Mess on her face and top while having Prune baby food!

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Sunday, June 30, 2013
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Busy Queen Bee (Part 3)

In the month of May and June, I have to attend five weddings!

One of the wedding dinners was held at Anson Ballroom - M Hotel (Tanjong Pagar). It was a huge disappointing! 

Service was bad, we had to go through the troubles salasadlyhavehave her to refill our drink THE ENTIRE NIGHT! Tsk tsk tsk, zero initiatives! There was one time the waiter removed the cup when my friend only requested to refill her drink! The food quality was lower than average too (except for appetizer, imo). The hall was arranged in a way that we were unable to view the stage! 

The only plus point I like the best was the free flow of wine though!

Putting the disappointment aside, it was great to be able to catch up these two ladies that night! Chance of meeting up decreases ever since I started a family! And Serene (middle) said that wedding dinner become a gathering. sadly, i have to agree with both my hands and legs..


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